As games go, bingo and roulette share a long history. Bingo first came into being in 16th century Italy, while roulette’s origins can be traced back to 17th century France. Through the ages, both have enjoyed high popularity to the degree that today they are two of the most played games online. Though they have one very obvious commonality – that they both use balls to decide the outcomes of each round – there is much more to both games that makes them and their players kindred spirits.

The most striking of similarities between the two games is their reliance on luck to create winners. Both roulette and bingo are a level playing field, in that they require little skill on the part of the players. Players are (almost!) at the mercy of the balls.

However, the “almost” is important. Both games require players with a certain amount of knowledge in order for the game to commence. For example, a bingo player on sites like Fancy Bingo must know that there are different prizes – lines, full houses, patterns, etc. – in order to recognise that she is a winner. Similarly, roulette players must know that there are a variety of bets to be made and, dependent on the bet made, each bet has different odds or payouts. The correct board position on which to place the chips depends on the kind of bet that a player wishes to make.

Another similarity between the games is the sheer volume of new players that have been attracted to them both since the advent of the Internet. Gambling will always be regulated, and while casino attendances have remained relatively steady, the numbers of people flocking to bingo halls have continued to fall, to the degree that there are far more players online than there are in the traditional sense.

Now, online gaming has brought the two games even closer together, as many online bingo providers have branched out to offer casino table games alongside their many games of bingo. Similarly, online casinos now offer bingo as an alternative to their own traditional casino games.

In reality, it is little surprise that the games are linked so intrinsically. The long life of both games serves to remind us of just how much they dwell in the hearts of the public who are, after all, the great barometers of success or failure. That so many people play both games on a regular basis tells its own story: that roulette and bingo have not only a shared history but also a bright future.

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